My Total Fit Challenge

Hey, It seems like it has been forever since I have posted about anything.  Rest assured that I have been busy doing thins.  I recently stopped teaching Zumba so that i could focus more on my family.  Since everyone is growing up, they have all decided that would like to start doing things, so I put teaching on hold so my three littles could get into gymnastics, and it looks like we will be adding a tumbling class to my daughters schedule come fall.

With everything changing, and with me no longer teaching classes, I had to figure out creative ways to stay fit.  I had to alter my diet again because i wan’t working out as much as I was before so I didn’t want all those calories hanging around trying to find something to do.

After about two months of here and there works outs, I finally came across the Total Fit Challenge.   The first things that caught my eye about this challenge is that it is Free.  The second thing, is that it is very easy to follow and it can be done without making a trip to the gym!  I am sure some of you are probably asking what is this Free Total Fit Challenge?  Here is a video to help anwser your questions.

I love that when you wake up first thing in the morning a new workout plan will be in your inbox waiting for you to get started.  I am able to get up before the kids do, knock out my workout and still have breakfast ready when they come down.

I am committed to this for 21 days and if you are going on this journey as well please link up with me on Instagram (@ournuttylife), on Facebook, you can follow me and my journey on MyFitnessPal.

OK, now on to today’s workout/challenge.  Today is called Test Yourself Tuesday!  The workout consisted of a mile run warm-up followed by push-ups for a minute and holding a plank for as long as you can.  Sounds easy enough right.  for those of you who have been working out everyday, I’m sure this is nothing for you.  The run wasn’t so bad for me.  It was the push-ups and the planks that got me.

Here are my Results:

Now, I am not going to get down on myself.  I know that I am only going to get better as this challenge progresses.

Don’t forget when you are sharing your pictures and words of encouragement to add the hastags #totalfit and #TestYourselfTuesday!
What new fitness challenges or workouts have you decided to add to your routine this summer?




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