Fitness The Easy Way

Being a mother of four kids makes it hard to get in a good workout or time for myself at times.  I am slowly realizing that I have to get creative and try to combine my exercise with my time with the kids.  I know this isn’t Wordless Wednesday, but sometimes pictures say it so much better!

The other weekend the hubby and I took the kids hiking at Raven Rock here in NC.  We managed to get the kids to do close to a three mile hike.  What makes it not so bad is the view!

You can beat getting a chance to show your kids pictures like these.
I wrote this post to let those out there who may have found themselves like me a time or two.  Sometimes you have to get creative and change up your workout and get the whole family involved.  The kids had so much fun we are goi g to do this at least once a month.  Our goal is to get through all the trails before Summer is over!


What other ways do you use to get your workout in?

Do you like to talk about fitness as well?  Head on over to Jill Conyers website and join up with her link up for Fitness Fridays!



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  1. There are endless ways to make fitness a regular part of your day! Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday.


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